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As a pastor, I enjoy praying for people whether you are a Christian or not. For I  love to see how God will answer my prayer for you and see things changed or how miracles will happen in your life. If you are a Christian, I will probably give you a personal prophecy when the Holy Spirit will inspire me to do so . If not, It is always a joy to pray for the body of Christ form different walks of life and from different countries as well. For non-Christian, I will also pray anybody who are looking for someone to pray for you or answer any of your questions about prayer and Christianity in a friendly tone. ( I have no time to get in any debate with anyone who has no interest in prayer or Christianity but just wants to argue for the sake of argue in this blog).

Whenever, you feel your prayer is being answered, please let me know. I also want to rejoice for you and your testimony will encourage many as well. If you don't mind to share it with others in your reply. I will post it in this page (with your permission, no email will be shown if you can use a pen name if you want to protect yourself more that's fine. However, please specify if want your name to be hidden.) At the same time , please don't write anything in the comment box except your testimony of giving thanks t God for answering your prayer through this website. I don't want any spammer or people who wants to use this page for their own promotion. Command which doesn't meet the above criteria will be removed.

If you want prayer for you, that's it easy. All you have to do is write to me about the detail and needs of your prayer within 100 words and send an email with a title : Prayer Request to my email : (click it only when you already have outlook express installed. Otherwise, just copy and paste to your email and send it to me will be alright ). Then I will send my prayer or personal prophecy back to you(only when I am feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so , no request in this area ,please ! If I do it for every request, I will be extremely busy for this issue)will be alright. However, be sure to check your junk mail box in case my reply will go in there. I usually will reply to you within 3 days unless I will be too busy to do so. I hope my free services will encourage you and your prayer request is absolutely free.

I will never give your name or email to anyone and your prayer request will be keep confidential. However, if you don't want me to post your testimony to this page , please specify. Otherwise, I will post it according to my will. You are encourage to subscribe to our newsletter by using the sign up form at the top of all these information. Again your sign up information will never be sold or rent to any third party. In order to thank you for your sign up, we will send you an free ebook which will help you to grow in your prayer life.Thank you and may God bless you all.

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