Monday, December 31, 2018

Thank God for 2018 and getting ready to enter into 2019

Today is the last night of 2018 and I want to write an article of my personal thanksgiving to all God's blessings to me for the whole year. I will start by thank God for what he did to me in my life with 10 things in my life .

1. I thank God for his preparation of an opportunity for me to attend a special convocation in USA and that was my first time to step inside America even I used to live in Canada for 11 years before. I haven't travel outside my own city (Hong Kong ) for the last 10 years already and that was the first trip after my long time stay in my city.

2. I thank God that I was able to go to Singapore to attend a healing seminar by Joan Hunter where I could update my healing prayer and enjoy an opportunity to serve the Lord duirng the seminar by praying for the sick.

3. I thank God that I could learn something about construction risk and how to avoid all the dangerous situation from a one day seminar in my own city.

4. I thank God that my health remains stable through the whole year and not much problem regarding to my health issue.

5. I thank God that I could attend a new church and particpate in its cell group in order to build up new relationship with other Christians whose from all walks of life and whose also from many other countries which including Hong Kong as well.

6. I thank God that I was able to minster to the poor and keep up my monthly visit to the homeless people on the street throughout the year. The most excited experience has been my last visit to a perosn who I have visited a few time before. For just a few days before I published this article, I was happy to see this homeless person has shown his willingness to accept The Lord Jesus as his own personal savior and the Lord of his life. To God be the glory.

7. I thank God that even I was experiencing many difficulties but God's grace has been sufficient for me throughout the year.

8. I thank God that I was still be able to show my little support to a ministry online in a regular basis througout the year.

9. I thank God that for using me to pray for the mother of one of my best friends whose in Canada by using Whatsapp almost everyday for about two months before her mom went to heaven with the Lord because of her terminal illness. I wasn't happy when I first started to pray fro her since I wasn't comfortable to pray for a sick elderly almost everyday in the beginning. However, After I look back for the whole situation, I thank God to allow me in participating in support of this family even I didn't see any healing this time. I think at least I can show this family that God really care about them and still care for the mom even when she was really sick at that moment. I thank God for teaching me how to love the elderly which was something I really need to learn for so many years.

10. I thank God for this excited year even I still need to face some of my problems  throughout the year. However, God's grace is sufficient to me an I am still alive and heading to another year of the Lord in 2019.

I praise God for all His wonder and blessings in 2018 and looking forward to experince God in a new way in 2019. Happy New year to My God and Happy New Year to all the readers of this article. God bless you all. 😃

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Friday, August 7, 2015

How to pray for your church leaders ?

Your pastoral team needs your prayer

It is a blessing to call by God to lead the church. However, it is never an easy job for being a pastor or any leadership position in the church. For when the church is called by God to preach the gospel to the whole world, Satanic attack and human conflicts cannot be avoid. When being asked by someone that whose the leader people need to spend more time to pray for ? I would definitely say that it should always be the senior pastor of the church. For when we look at the bible , we know that no authority is not given by God. As a senior pastor, he or she needs to always be alert for the sheep. No just that , the senior pastor also needs to know what is the vision that God wants the church to go along with. At the same time, the senior pastor is the one who will face the most criticism and expectation from the whole congregation. And of course the senior pastor is the one who Satan wants to attack the most. For if the senior pastor happen to fall down on any trap of sin or leave the church for whatever hurtful  reasons, the church will be suffering from their lack of leadership and clear direction from God as well. So, be sure to pray for your senior pastor everyday whether you like this leader or not. For he or she is the chosen one from God lead the flocks of the church. At the same time , never participate in any gossip and criticism towards the senior pastor as well. For that will save you from falling into the trap of Satan who wants to see your church falling apart and lack of unity each day and night. On the other hand, it is also important to pray for all the pastoral staffs each and everyday. Since they are also called by God to assist the senior pastor and work as a team to lead the church as well, harmony and unity of the pastoral team will always be important for any church growth.

Your deacons and elders need your prayer 

We don't want to minimize the importance of deacons and elders in our prayer. However, their roles and function are different according to the Bible. There are many denomination will exalt their deacons board or the elders board as the highest decision making body in the church. Although we don't want to argue with this phenomenon, we don respect that each person do have different role to play in the church. The unity of such a leadership team is also important for the church as well. That's why we surely need to pray for them as well. 

How to pray for these leaders ?

I would suggest the following seven ways to pray for the pastoral team and the leadership team as well and you should never underestimate the power of prayer :  

1. Apply the blood of Jesus to the senior pastor daily and ask the Holy Spirit to fill he or she that this leader will live in holiness and receive the love, wisdom, power, authority and vision from God to lead the church .

2. Apply the blood of Jesus to the pastoral team that this team will always work in harmony and unity with love. And also ask God to give them a heart of submission and love to the senior pastor and help the senior pastor to carry out any decision that needs to be execute in the church.

3. Pray for all the deacons and all the elders to have a spirit of co-operation and unity to work with the pastoral team in building up the church as a whole.

4. Ask God to give each member of the church to be humble and submissive to the leadership team of the church.

5. Bind all the spirits of any destructive idea, hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness , dis-unity, temptation , rebellious and any demonic attempt in Jesus name and command all these spirits be gone from the church in a daily basis. Also declare all the destruction for any Satanic plan to be completely destroyed and leave the church forever in Jesus mighty name.

6. Ask the Lord to send His angles to protect the leadership team and their family members in a daily basis as well.

7. Ask the Holy Spirit to always raise up new leaders in the next generation of this church and also ask God to raise mighty intercessors who knows how to listen to God;s voice and how to pray for the church in a daily basis to arise in this church.


The church in the end time needs to be more alert on how to pray for their leadership. God places each of us in a church is not a coincidence. He has a plan for each of us , so don't just leave your church whenever you feel like it. Your leaders are all human and they are not perfect, that's why they need your prayer in order to build up the church according to God's will. Will you be a prayer warrior for your church leadership team or will you be an attacker to your church leaders when you don't feel satisfy with anything ? I pray that you will know what to choose. Amen.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Birthday Prayer On My Special Day

Dear Heavenly Father ------ the Lord of my life,

Thank you for giving me life on this special day many years 


Thank you for loving me while I was still a baby.

Thank you for my unique parents whom have provided all the 

best for me even when I wasn't from a rich family.

Thank you for your love so that I could finished my education 

in a place where not everyone could have such an opportunity 

to go.

Thank you for always sending your angels to protect me from 

dangerous and help me in difficult situation.

Thank you for providing a house that I can sleep and rest.

Thank you for giving me a new life when I was young and filled 

me with your Holy Spirit while 

I knew nothing about the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for using me and touching life of others with your 

power and your love.

Thank you for giving me a desire to pray at all times and 

witness miracles when praying for others.

Lord, Jesus, in this special day of my life. I pray that you can 

use me in the rest of my life to a greater extend and to lead 

more people to accept you as their own Lord and Savior while 

I still have breathe on this earth.

Oh heavenly Father, let my birthday be a day which always to 

remind me that I was created for you and let your will be done 

in my life until I see you again.

This is a simple prayer I have written on my birthday and to 

God be the glory. Amen.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to pray for healing of the lower back pain ?

        Although there are many reasons to cause the lower back pain in everyone's body, we can always help others to get  heal by prayer with the power of the Holy Spirit.The following procedure can be used for any Spirit-filled Christian. If you are not Spirit-filled yet, it will be quite difficult to see the result as you hope for.

1. Preparation

(1). Have the person who needs to be
       pray for to stand up.

(2). Ask the person to hold both hands 
      over the pelvic bone which are on
      both side of the waist area.
      (women tends to be lower than men's

(3). Be sure there is a chair placed right
       behind the person in case fall down
       will happen as the Holy Spirit or 
       angels will minister to the person in
       the process.

2. Time to pray for the pelvic area

(1) Invite the Holy Spirit to come by 
      simple saying "Come , Holy Spirit."

(2) Lay your hand on both hand of the
      person while he or she is holding the
      his or her pelvic bone area already. It 
      would be nice to have two people
      (one should be female if the person
      who needs prayer is  a female) to
      pray for the person and lay one hand
      on each side over that person's
      hand.It would be a better
      arrangement especially that person
      is a female.

(2) In Jesus name to command the pelvic
      bone to rotate until it goes back to its
      proper position.

(3) Wait for about one minute to see if it
      will rotate and sometimes, it will start
      to rotate in just a few second or even
      right away.The person can just feel it
      and and see it if there is a mirror
      right in front of the person.

(4) If there is something to be rotate
      about, it will keep on rotate in clock-
      wise, anti-clock-wise, back and forth
      or so for about 5 -20 minutes depends
      on the physical condition of the  
      person. If there is no movement at
      all, that means the person has nothing
      to be rotate about.

(5) During the process, ask the person to
      have the eyes open and keep saying
      thank you Jesus, praise Jesus or 
      hallelujah because the bone will
      usually move faster when one is
      willing to do so.

(6) When the bone stop to rotate, then it
       will stop.

3. Have the person to sit down

(1)  Have the person to sit comfortably on
       a chair. (a chair with back and never
       use a round chair without any back
       on it.)

(2)  Lift up the both of the person's leg to
       an angle (no need to 90 degree all the
       time, especially the person can lift up
       the legs to 30 degree and feel pain
       already) where you can measure the
       length of both legs to see whether  
       one foot is shorter than the other. (It
       will always happen when anybody
       has lower back pain, one leg will be
       shorter than the other one. ) 

(3) You can measure it by placing both of
      your hand on that person's ankle 
      area. One thumb on one side of each
      ankle and the other four fingers
      holding the other side of the ankle. 
      Then you will see which of your hand
      is closer to your body , then that leg is
      the longer one.

(4) In Jesus name to command the
      shorter leg to grow out until it is
      being even with the other leg. (You
      will immediately see the leg grow out
      and the person can see it and feel it

(5) Have the person to say "thank you,
      Jesus" ,  ask the person to stand up
     and do something which that person 
     couldn't do before prayer and see
     whether he or she is completely heal
     or has big improvement already.
     (Such as bending his or her body back
      and forth or move the leg up and


     If the person is not heal at once, you
     can pray a second or even the third
     time. Sometimes the healing is 
     progressive and not all the time
     instantly. However, if you are willing
     to pray for the person and the person
     is open to receive prayer, healing will

Note : The leg maybe going back and
             forth during the prayer time but it
             is okay and it will goes back to
             proper position after the 
             adjustment. If not, all you have 
             to do is to command it to goes  
             even with the other leg and it will
             be done in Jesus name.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to heal the the upper back pain by prayer?

Healing The Whole Man is a highly recommended book on Healing by Joan Hunter (A must for healing prayer since it consists of over 460 prayer on different diseases and sickness. A very powerful and useful handbook for you.)

It is easy to heal the upper back pain by prayer if 

you are Spirit-filled Christian. However, if you are 

still not a Spirit-filled Christian, you should 

consider to be filled by the Holy Spirit before you can 

experience the power of the holy Spirit in a full sense. 

being an Evangelical Christian for more than 15 years, I was 

shocked by how the Holy Spirit could do in my life. First of 

all, He has transformed my worship and prayer life even 

since then. When I was first being filled by the Holy Spirit, I 

just love to pray and worship like never before. That's why I 

have learned all kinds of prayer after that. The following 

prayer is one of the prayer I have learned over youtube and I 

have experienced how it really works for many people after I 

started to pray for people. It is simple and very practical. it is 

a prayer on how to heal the upper back pain. You can pray 

for others and also apply it to yourself as well. the 

procedures and prayer are as following:

1. Get the person who has upper back pain to stand 


2. Lay your hand on the base of the skull (just behind the 

    neck will be alright) of the person.

3.Then pray : In Jesus name,I command the base of the 

                     skull to line up with every vertebrate on 

                     his/her back.

4. I curse the pain to be gone in Jesus name.

5. I command the muscle from the neck all along his/her 

    upper back to his/her upper chest to be relax in Jesus 


6. The last step which is the most important and amazing 

    step : Have the person to extend both arms to straight 

    forward but leave about an inch from between to  

    measure her arm to see which one is shorter. Then 

    command the shorter arm to grow in Jesus name and be 

    even with the other arm in length.

7. Ask the person to say "thank you Jesus" before he/she 

   will check her back to see the pain is really gone. That's it!

Note : Condition 1. If the person doesn't have any arm 

                             which is shorter than the other one, then

                             you don't need to do the last step. That 

                             means you don't need to command

                             any arm to grow since there is nothing to 

                             be grow about. Just pray the first

                             three steps and have the person to thank 

                             Jesus before the checking of the

                             back done.

           Condition 2. Sometimes the arm will grow back and 

                               forth for adjustment for a short while. 

                              Just let God's angels to minister to that 

                              person until it eventually get even with 

                              the other arm.  (usually it will take one 

                              minute or two and you just comfort the 

                              person by saying that's God's work on 

                               you, just relax and let it finish. no need 

                               to be afraid or worry.
           Condition 3. If the arm grow out a bit then stop, all 

                              have to do is to command like this

                              saying : "you  devil, get out of her life 

                              right now in Jesus name." You need to

                              do so just because the situation is not 

                               just a normal self-created pain such

                               as working to hard or inappropriate 

                               posture. Since the pain is created by

                               the devil , then you have to command it 

                               to be gone in Jesus name. You will

                               probably see the arm comes up at once 

                               after that.

         Condition 4. If the pain is not gone all at once, you 

                             can pray it one or two more times

                             since some people don't get instant 

                             healing just by praying once. It is

                             perfectly alright to pray for a person a 

                             few more times before a healing

                             occurs. Even Jesus pray for a  blind 

                             person twice in one of His healing

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Healing The Whole Man is a highly recommended book on Healing by Joan Hunter (A must for healing prayer since it consists of over 460 prayer on different diseases and sickness. A very powerful and useful handbook for you.)
 Enjoy the following example and see it for 

 yourself. This person may pray it differently, but 

it still works. There is always more than one to 

pray for healing in God's kingdom. As the Holy 

Spirit moves, miracles will happen. We should never limit 

God's way in healing . Praise God for His mercy and 

healing grace at all times.