Friday, August 7, 2015

How to pray for your church leaders ?

Your pastoral team needs your prayer

It is a blessing to call by God to lead the church. However, it is never an easy job for being a pastor or any leadership position in the church. For when the church is called by God to preach the gospel to the whole world, Satanic attack and human conflicts cannot be avoid. When being asked by someone that whose the leader people need to spend more time to pray for ? I would definitely say that it should always be the senior pastor of the church. For when we look at the bible , we know that no authority is not given by God. As a senior pastor, he or she needs to always be alert for the sheep. No just that , the senior pastor also needs to know what is the vision that God wants the church to go along with. At the same time, the senior pastor is the one who will face the most criticism and expectation from the whole congregation. And of course the senior pastor is the one who Satan wants to attack the most. For if the senior pastor happen to fall down on any trap of sin or leave the church for whatever hurtful  reasons, the church will be suffering from their lack of leadership and clear direction from God as well. So, be sure to pray for your senior pastor everyday whether you like this leader or not. For he or she is the chosen one from God lead the flocks of the church. At the same time , never participate in any gossip and criticism towards the senior pastor as well. For that will save you from falling into the trap of Satan who wants to see your church falling apart and lack of unity each day and night. On the other hand, it is also important to pray for all the pastoral staffs each and everyday. Since they are also called by God to assist the senior pastor and work as a team to lead the church as well, harmony and unity of the pastoral team will always be important for any church growth.

Your deacons and elders need your prayer 

We don't want to minimize the importance of deacons and elders in our prayer. However, their roles and function are different according to the Bible. There are many denomination will exalt their deacons board or the elders board as the highest decision making body in the church. Although we don't want to argue with this phenomenon, we don respect that each person do have different role to play in the church. The unity of such a leadership team is also important for the church as well. That's why we surely need to pray for them as well. 

How to pray for these leaders ?

I would suggest the following seven ways to pray for the pastoral team and the leadership team as well and you should never underestimate the power of prayer :  

1. Apply the blood of Jesus to the senior pastor daily and ask the Holy Spirit to fill he or she that this leader will live in holiness and receive the love, wisdom, power, authority and vision from God to lead the church .

2. Apply the blood of Jesus to the pastoral team that this team will always work in harmony and unity with love. And also ask God to give them a heart of submission and love to the senior pastor and help the senior pastor to carry out any decision that needs to be execute in the church.

3. Pray for all the deacons and all the elders to have a spirit of co-operation and unity to work with the pastoral team in building up the church as a whole.

4. Ask God to give each member of the church to be humble and submissive to the leadership team of the church.

5. Bind all the spirits of any destructive idea, hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness , dis-unity, temptation , rebellious and any demonic attempt in Jesus name and command all these spirits be gone from the church in a daily basis. Also declare all the destruction for any Satanic plan to be completely destroyed and leave the church forever in Jesus mighty name.

6. Ask the Lord to send His angles to protect the leadership team and their family members in a daily basis as well.

7. Ask the Holy Spirit to always raise up new leaders in the next generation of this church and also ask God to raise mighty intercessors who knows how to listen to God;s voice and how to pray for the church in a daily basis to arise in this church.


The church in the end time needs to be more alert on how to pray for their leadership. God places each of us in a church is not a coincidence. He has a plan for each of us , so don't just leave your church whenever you feel like it. Your leaders are all human and they are not perfect, that's why they need your prayer in order to build up the church according to God's will. Will you be a prayer warrior for your church leadership team or will you be an attacker to your church leaders when you don't feel satisfy with anything ? I pray that you will know what to choose. Amen.

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