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How to pray for healing of the lower back pain ?

        Although there are many reasons to cause the lower back pain in everyone's body, we can always help others to get  heal by prayer with the power of the Holy Spirit.The following procedure can be used for any Spirit-filled Christian. If you are not Spirit-filled yet, it will be quite difficult to see the result as you hope for.

1. Preparation

(1). Have the person who needs to be
       pray for to stand up.

(2). Ask the person to hold both hands 
      over the pelvic bone which are on
      both side of the waist area.
      (women tends to be lower than men's

(3). Be sure there is a chair placed right
       behind the person in case fall down
       will happen as the Holy Spirit or 
       angels will minister to the person in
       the process.

2. Time to pray for the pelvic area

(1) Invite the Holy Spirit to come by 
      simple saying "Come , Holy Spirit."

(2) Lay your hand on both hand of the
      person while he or she is holding the
      his or her pelvic bone area already. It 
      would be nice to have two people
      (one should be female if the person
      who needs prayer is  a female) to
      pray for the person and lay one hand
      on each side over that person's
      hand.It would be a better
      arrangement especially that person
      is a female.

(2) In Jesus name to command the pelvic
      bone to rotate until it goes back to its
      proper position.

(3) Wait for about one minute to see if it
      will rotate and sometimes, it will start
      to rotate in just a few second or even
      right away.The person can just feel it
      and and see it if there is a mirror
      right in front of the person.

(4) If there is something to be rotate
      about, it will keep on rotate in clock-
      wise, anti-clock-wise, back and forth
      or so for about 5 -20 minutes depends
      on the physical condition of the  
      person. If there is no movement at
      all, that means the person has nothing
      to be rotate about.

(5) During the process, ask the person to
      have the eyes open and keep saying
      thank you Jesus, praise Jesus or 
      hallelujah because the bone will
      usually move faster when one is
      willing to do so.

(6) When the bone stop to rotate, then it
       will stop.

3. Have the person to sit down

(1)  Have the person to sit comfortably on
       a chair. (a chair with back and never
       use a round chair without any back
       on it.)

(2)  Lift up the both of the person's leg to
       an angle (no need to 90 degree all the
       time, especially the person can lift up
       the legs to 30 degree and feel pain
       already) where you can measure the
       length of both legs to see whether  
       one foot is shorter than the other. (It
       will always happen when anybody
       has lower back pain, one leg will be
       shorter than the other one. ) 

(3) You can measure it by placing both of
      your hand on that person's ankle 
      area. One thumb on one side of each
      ankle and the other four fingers
      holding the other side of the ankle. 
      Then you will see which of your hand
      is closer to your body , then that leg is
      the longer one.

(4) In Jesus name to command the
      shorter leg to grow out until it is
      being even with the other leg. (You
      will immediately see the leg grow out
      and the person can see it and feel it

(5) Have the person to say "thank you,
      Jesus" ,  ask the person to stand up
     and do something which that person 
     couldn't do before prayer and see
     whether he or she is completely heal
     or has big improvement already.
     (Such as bending his or her body back
      and forth or move the leg up and


     If the person is not heal at once, you
     can pray a second or even the third
     time. Sometimes the healing is 
     progressive and not all the time
     instantly. However, if you are willing
     to pray for the person and the person
     is open to receive prayer, healing will

Note : The leg maybe going back and
             forth during the prayer time but it
             is okay and it will goes back to
             proper position after the 
             adjustment. If not, all you have 
             to do is to command it to goes  
             even with the other leg and it will
             be done in Jesus name.

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