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Book Review on Supernatural Provision by Joan Hunter

Book Review on Supernatural Provision
(Living in financial Freedom) by Joan Hunter
" We received more miracle reports when Joan Hunter was a guest on It's Supernatural ! than from any other interview."
                          --- Sid Roth, Host, It's Supernatural ! TV

       This is surely a book that is worthy to be read by any Christian who is willing to experience God 's supernatural provision in a powerful way on this planet in this century. I was first attracted by the interview which Sid Roth arranged with Joan Hunter on the most popular TV program in Day Star TV. When I started to read this book, I started to understand how God wants to blessing His children with prosperity at all times throughout the Bible. It was Satan who always wants to steal our blessing from God and it was never the heart of the Father who desires His children to live in poverty. In fact, we are always misunderstand the love of our heavenly Father who simply wants to bless His children at all times.Of course sin has also been mentioned in this book on how this problem can be an obstacle for our financial blessing from the heaven above.However, once we have deal with our sin and ask God for His forgiveness and repent on our sin of rebellion, He will just forgive our sin and blessing from heaven will just come like rain to our life like never before.


One of the most special teaching in this book is scriptural tithing. Joan Hunter surely understand what means by financial struggle in her early childhood and in her first marriage as well. However, financial hardship didn't stop her heart towards God. Joan Hunter has successfully shown us in this book that as we sow our seed according to specific Bible verses and as our tithing and offering are lining up with that particular scripture, we will always be blessed. I have to admit that each page will attract me to keep on reading forward and  want to know more as well. However, I think the miracles and all the testimonies involve in this books are the most attractive elements for any Christian who wants to experience God in a new way.

    Joan Hunter is truly a servant of God whom God is using powerfully not just in healing ministries but also in financial breakthrough as well. Joan 's ministries are experiencing financial miracle all the times and what she taught in this book is never a theory but a reality in her life and others as well. You will be amaze in how God can turn around your concept of tithing, offering, donation, faith and trust as well through this book. That's why I highly recommend this book any Christian who wants to experience  a financial breakthrough and miracle in his or her own life. As a matter of fact, I have just found out that someone has just purchased 10 of this book from my account without I really promoting it. I don't know why did that person needs to order 10 of this books for, but I do know one thing : only good book will attract such a fire for people to order that many of the same book. At least I am among one of the reader who can testified that this is really a treasure fro any Christian who wants to experience financial blessing from heaven.


Don't for get to read any testimony at the end of this book for you will be encouraged and amaze on how God can perform miracle in our life. I can guarantee to you that once you have seen all these testimonies, you are going to shock by the love and powerful of God. That means your life will never be the same.May God bless you with this book.


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