Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to pray for people with upper back pain ?

Healing can be easy if you know how ? I thought that healing through prayer was really hard in my past Christian year. I thought that only the most anointed Christian or Christian with the gift of healing could do it. After I have really study on the subject and I found that healing isn't that hard and it can be really simple and fun as well. recently, I have encounter some kinds of great teaching from Joan Hunter, Randy Clark, Bill Johnson and David Herzog as well. Among all these great servants of God, I found that Joan Hunter has the highest success rate and it is a teaching that every Spirit-filled Christian can do it. I would say that Joan's model is purely a prayer model that everyone can see instant result in most of the times. However, the other great servants of God are still worthy for us to learn from them as they all have their special expertise in healing and creative miracles as well. I am going to share a simple prayer method on how to pray for people with upper back pain in the following and I hope it will bless those who wants to learn to pray with instant result. You will find that the power of the Holy Spirit is amazing.

1. Prepare to pray
Ask the the person who wants to receive prayer to stand straight and relax with his or eyes open. At the same time, tell the person not to pray when you are praying for him or her. It is actually hard to receive and while praying at the same time. Some people think that have their eyes close will be better and concentrated in prayer but it will also make that person can't see the miracle happen right before his or her own eyes as well. That's why, just tell the person to keep his or eyes open and see what God will do for him or her.
2. Time to pray
Ask the person to extend both of his or her arms out to measure which arms are shorter than the other one. (In most cases but nit all,one arm will be shorter than the other one in the case of  upper back pain ). Be sure to have a small space between two arms and usually 1mm to 2 mm will do . You just want to make sure that when you command the shorter arm to grow out without getting stuck by the other arms , that's all.

3. Lay hand to pray
Lay one of your hand on the base of the scull of the person and speak in a normal tone that "I command the base of the skull to line up with every vertebrates at this back." Then speak " I curse the pain to be gone while laying hand on the same position (or command the pain to be gone if you don't want to use the term curse). After that, you command the muscles on the neck and all the way to the upper back and the upper chest to be relax (if you feel the person is so tense. If not tense, you can just skip this step.). Last and the most fun part, you command the shorter arm to grow and go back to the proper position and be even with the other arm. That's it.

You will then see the arm just grow out in a few second (wait for a while and ask the person to open his or her eyes and watch what will happen ) until it gets even with the other arm. However, if the arm just growing back and forth , never mind about it. Since The Holy Spirit or maybe the angel is doing the adjustment for the arms, it may take a few seconds for the arms to get even. Just relax and the arms will eventually grow and back to its proper position and be even with the other arm. Just don't worry and watch how fun it is. Tell the person to thank Jesus right away and then start to check his or her own back to see the back is completely heal. If there are still some pain leave, just lay hand on the back and command the pain to be gone completely. Usually when the arms are getting even, there should be no more pain leave on that person's upper back. Be sure you will give all the glory to God and praise God for His healing power. Try it, it is fun and it will happen all the times when you pray according to all the steps.You can pray it to yourself as well whenever you experience upper back pain.God bless you

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