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How to pray for an hour with joy and faith ?

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It is a joyful experience to pray for an hour. Is it a big issue for many Christian ? Well, yes and no is the answer. It hard for many Christian to pray for an hour they can hardly pray for a few minutes each and everyday.For Christian with this kinds of difficulty, how to pray for an hour is a big issue to them. However, if you are a Christian who loves to pray and enjoy to pray all day long and sometimes fast as well, it is not a big issue for you to pray just for one hour per day. "How to pray for an hour with joy and faith?" is what I am going to share in the following :
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1. Starting by setting up an hour to pray

    In order for you to experience the joy of praying for an hour, you must first prepare an hour just for the sake of praying. This logical and reasonable to set this hour in your day. If you don't even want to set an hour out of your daily schedule to pray, there is no way you can understand what it means by praying for an hour. What will be the best time to pray for an hour? For sure , in the morning when you first jump out of your bed will always be the best time to pray if you can get up early. Of course you can set another time of the day if you feel so rush in the morning. However, the fact being that you will either getting worry about things of the day once you start to work or you will just feel tired during the night. If you can give God the best hour of your day, you will experience how power is the first hour of your day will be after you meet God in the morning.

2. Starting by giving thanks and praise to God

    The Bible clearly states that "Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.(Psalm 100:4)" When we tried to enter into God's presence, it is always a good way to start up with thanks giving and praise. You can simply thank God for His daily provision to you and your family, thank God for your breathe, thank God for a good sleep, etc. Thank God with small things then, you will feel how blessing you already are for having all these. Everything is a grace of God and God owe us nothing. As long as we can remember this, we will have tons of things to thank God for. We can also start to praise His names since God has many names revealed to us in the bible and each name has its own meaning to tell us how great our God is. You can also praise God for what he did for you  or anythings or anybody that comes up to your mind that you need to praise God for. (That will fill your first 10-15 minutes up in your prayer time)
3. Starting by listening to God's voice

    In this sweet hour of prayer, you don't just keep on speaking at all times, but you can sing out your praise as well and then get into a moment of listening to God's voice. It is better for you to prepare a pen and a notepad (or a notebook) besides you while you start to listen to God. When God speak anything special to you, you can just write it down for your memory or later meditation. God can speak to you with a small still voice in your mind just like when he spoke to the prophet Elijah. He can speak to you with words from the bible, a vision or a picture during your prayer time to you.God will speak to each of us in a unique way that He wants us to get the message .Just sensitive to His voice in this hour when you need to keep your mouth shut and let God speaks.You will be enjoy what He is going to say to you and this is one of the sweetest moment of your prayer hour. (this listening process will takes you to another 10-15 minutes)

4. Starting by Proclaiming God words out aloud

    By proclaiming God's words, you will build up your own faith in prayer.By the time you proclaim God's words , you are the one who is listening as well. God's words will just enter into your spirit and build up your faith at the same time. Since there is power in what you say "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.(Proverbs 18:21)" and also in the words of God So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;It will not return to Me empty,Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.(Isaiah 55 :11)", there is something going on in the spirit realm as you proclaim God's word out loud. You can choose 10 verses each morning and experience the power of God in this prayer moment in your life.(5-10 minutes is gone)

5. Starting by pray for yourself and your own prayer items

   We will not place our own self in the beginning of the prayer time because God will always be the first focus of our prayer time. However, it is also important to pray for ourselves since God told us to love others like how we love ourselves as what Jesus summarized about the essence of the commandments. We also have the responsibility to manage things about our life. That's nothing wrong to pray for your self except we always place God as our priority in our prayer time. We can also pray for our family members and anything we need to pray about in that last 15 minutes of our one hour prayer meeting with God. (15 minutes will be gone by now).

Conclusion :

   It is how easy to pray for an hour with the suggest timetable from above and you will never right out of things to pray if you will try to use this plan. In case you really have nothing to pray about, you can at least read God's words and get to know God in an intimate way within this hour. It will certainly build up your spirit and draw you closer to God. Actually you can pray bin tongue if you are really running out of things to pray because it is a supernatural language that the Holy Spirit loves to give to every believer. (whether you view it a sign of Spirit-filled experience or as a first sign in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or any charismatic experience related to this. ) It really helps out your pray and also edify our faith as well.That's why we will never run out of prayer items and we can always pray with the help of the Holy Spirit who can always teach us how to pray according to the Father's will. Start to pray for an hour per day tomorrow, you will experience the joy of prayer and the power from this special prayer meeting with God.

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