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How to pray and break the power of darkness with authoriry ?

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Christian worship the only true God of the Universe and it is always a blessing to live with Spiritual freedom in Christ.Unfortunately, there are still many people worshiping different kinds of idols in this world everyday.Since many people are still under the control of satanic power and therefore, deliverance prayer has became a focus in more and more intercession ministries in the last twenty years." How to pray and break the power of darkness with authority ?" is the major concern of this article and the following advices will be helpful for anyone who will involve in deliverance prayer and spiritual warfare. Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB 1. Knowing your Spiritual Authority ?

    Christian will never be afraid of demons because our sin are all washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is dwelling among us. Whenever we command the demons to leave in the name of Jesus, all demons will leave.We don't have to perform a special ceremony for exorcism and making a big things out of it. All we have to do is to worship God just like what we always do and pray for any body in Christ who is may still under demonic oppression. Break that power of darkness within that person in Jesus mighty name and command the evil spirits to go away immediately, the process is just that simple.If you are not a Christian, you need to repent your sin and accept Jesus as your personal savior and become a Christian before you have this authority. The reason being that demons will only afraid of Jesus and those who has Jesus in their life. If you haven't been a born again Christian yet, don't even try to encounter in spiritual warfare like this.Only born again Christian has the authority to do that with the name of Jesus. We need to always start anything by invite the Holy Spirit to come and minister to the situation and all the people involved. we should also start with a prayer and ask Jesus to cover us with His blood before the whole process begins.

2. Knowing the 4 steps for deliverance prayer

    I will set 4 steps for deliverance as RFCC. what is RFCC ?

    R ------- means Repentance. Many people involved in spiritual bondage because of the following problems : generational curses (means the sin committed by your ancestors that will pass along unto you for three to four generation as stated in Exdous 34:6-7).Sin such as participated in witch craft ,astrology, fortune-telling, Ouija broad, Eastern meditation, Hypnosis, any forms of addiction or sexual related sin, etc.All these things needs to be deal with repentance before anyone can experience the power and the benefit of deliverance prayer in Jesus mighty name. You can just lead the Christian with the first part of deliverance prayer like that : Dear Heavenly Father, I am willing to repent for all the participation and worship activities which my ancestors have involved in the past and passed along to my life . And I am wiling to repent on all the participation I have previously involved with (the name of the practice one by one and states all of them).In Jesus name right now. I renounce all these worship and participation and ask for your forgiveness of my sin, right now, then continue......... to pray in the prayer in the F section in the following.

    F --------- means Forgiveness. For The Lord's prayer teach us that we need to forgive others as we have been forgiven by our heavenly Father (Matthew 6 :9-14). The second of deliverance prayer should be : Dear Heavenly Father, I ask for your forgiveness right now for all the sin that my ancestors have committed and passed along to me through the family bloodline. I declare that I forgive anyone who lead me to participate in all these activities that cause me to fall into the trap of the evil one because of all these evil action.And I also ask for your forgiveness right now, Lord ,for all the activities which I have previous involved in any occult worship such as (the name of the occult one by one)or and devil practice such as (the name of the practice one by one) in the past. Continue to pray ....... in the  C section in the following.

    C --------- means Cut Off. We have cut off all the relationship which we have involved in all the past in prayer. We can now lead that body in Christ  into the third part of deliverance prayer : Dear heavenly Father, I am willing to cut off all my past relationship with all the occult activities with (the name of the occult one by one) and with the devil practice with (the name of the activity one by one) right now and I will never involve with all these activities in the rest of my life  again. I declare that I am now cutting off all these relationships right now in Jesus name.Continue to pray in the following C section.

    C --------- means Come Out. The last step of the prayer and the most important step is to command each and every evil spirit to come out from that person's life one by one in Jesus name.The fourth step of the deliverance prayer should be  : In the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of (the name of the spirit), such as the spirit of astrology ) right now,  and I command the spirit of (the name of the spirit, such as the spirit of astrology, etc.) to come out from the body of (the name of of the person being praying for such as Danny, Julie,etc) right now. I command you to  leave at once and cannot return to ( the person's name) life again.

Note : If the spirit doesn't want to leave, you can keep on command the spirit to leave for a few more times because the evil spirit normally will try to struggle and not to leave in the beginning. That's why You need to keep on commanding the evil spirit to leave by saying "come out, right now, come out in Jesus name) and it will leave soon. At the same time, teach the person to keep on praying internally just in their mind and no need to say it out loud and declare words in their mind such as " I bind this spirit of (the name of the spirit) in Jesus name and I command you to leave my life right now and I only want Jesus in my life." With the intercessors command the evil spirit to leave from outside and the person's will and declaration from inside, the evil spirit will leave in a minute to a few minutes.Then repeat the commanding process for the rest of the spirits which is still staying in  that person until it is all gone. In the case of unsuccessful deliverance, we need to observe whether that person actually doesn't want the evil spirit to leave for some reasons or maybe it involves in some kinds of sin which hasn't been dealt with such as unforgiveness , bitterness , anger, etc.There are times ,We need to stop for a moment and ask the Holy Spirit for further guidance before we can go any further. Sometimes, we have to arrange for further appointment to pray with the person again.

Conclusion :

       We cast out the demons with the power of the Holy Spirit and by the name of Jesus alone and we need not be afraid in the whole process, for Jesus has already won the battle on the cross. Since it is a spiritual warfare and a prayer process, it is a good advice to minister with few more Christians whose willing to pray for that person together. More prayer will make the process faster and shorter. As a warning, I would say that don't try to talk to the spirit since the spirit will side track you with all the false information and confuse you with all the lies. So, don't waste your time to talk with the spirit but just command it to go away. If the person would speak to you with some kinds of wired voice, just tell the spirit to silence in Jesus name. Then the spirit can't control the person's vocal cord to confuse you anymore.we need to remember the Holy Spirit is in us and He is much more powerful than any evil spirit of the world. After the whole process (make it no more than 2 hours and choose another day if further prayer is needed, otherwise all the intercessors will be very tired and so does the person being pray for.) Prepare a small bag for the person to vomit if the person needs it when the spirit comes out . Sometimes, a box of tissue and a glass of water will be helpful as well whenever people may need it.You can always talk to the person ans ask how he or she is feeling during the process and make sure you are doing the right thing in your prayer. Open all your spiritual senses and always sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is showing about the person's situation through the word of knowledge at that moment.

      At last, pray for the Holy Spirit to fill that person again and ask the Lord to protect  and comfort the person when everything is finished. Give glory to God and bless each other before we leave.That's it ! I hope this article can be a blessing to you and to God be the glory.

    Note : It is always a good idea to follow other Christian mentor or pastors who has experience with this kind of prayer before you can do it on your own ( if you are new in this area.)


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