Friday, May 11, 2012

How to bless Israel with your daily prayer ?

Israel is a special nation on this planet and God loves Israel at all times. As Christian, we really need to know how to bless Israel with our daily prayer and we will experience the blessing from God as well. For the Bible clearly stated that anyone who blessed Israel will be blessed and anyone who cursed Israel will be cursed. that's why we really need to know how to stand for Israel in our everyday prayer.

" And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." (Gen :12 : 2-3)
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1. Beware of the news about Israel

    If you want to be an intercessor who can be used by God 
    according to His will, you need to watch news everyday.
    News can show us the daily needs of our city , our nation
    and of  course the nation of Israel as well. The best news
    about Israel may not be on your TV screen but you can
    always find it on the internet. News such as How the
    president of United states is communicating with Israel and
    how Iran is trying to attack Israel with her nuclear weapon
    are something you can pray about . We need to ask God to
    protect His promised land to the Israel and send His angels
    to protect Israel from being harm at all times. If we can do
    that, we can be sure that we are praying according the will
   of God for Israel.

2. Beware of the needs of Israel

   Israel always face three kinds of need : A.Spiritual,
   B.Internal, C.External.

 A.By Spiritual, we mean Israel needs to repent for the sin for
    not receiving Jesus as the messiah. The long suffering of
   Jewish in history because of this issue. if they were willing
   to turn around and accepted Jesus as the messiah who they
   have been waiting for a long time, they didn't have to suffer
   so many problems as what they had in history.We thank
   God  for all the work He Has done in the last ten years
   that,there were only 1500 Christians in Israel, but now there
   are about 15,000 Christian in God's promised land. Let's
    pray more, and more Jewish will accept Jesus in the days
    to come.

 B.By Internal, we mean all the problems that the Israel
    government need to deal with. There are thousands of
    Jewish will return to the promised land from all over the
    world each year and settle their new life in this place. But
    there are so many things that the new immigrants need to
    deal with when they enter into this new homeland for them.
    They need to learn Hebrews in which they need to
    communicate with others in this country. They need to find
    new jobs for survival and get involve in this new community
    as well. We need to pray for this new immigrants whom
    have been living in other countries for a long time that they
    can adapt to this new land of milk and honey and getting
    alone with other people in this special region of the middle
    East. It will be a big challenge to many of these new
    populations to live in Israel in the beginning.

C. By External , we mean that Israel are always at war with
    all of her surrounding countries such as Iran,Syria and
    Palestine. We need to pray for the safety of Israel at all
    times. Since God loves Israel,Satan just wants to use of his
    power to motivate all the enemies surrounding Israel to
    destroy Israel all the times.Although we knew that Michael
    is the arc angel whom God has sent to protect Israel
    according to the Bible, we still need to pray for Israel safety
    each and everyday because there is a spiritual warfare
    always going on in the heaven and prayer is our weapon to
    ensure that  Israel will win the battle at all times.At the same
    time, Christian maybe the last friends who will stand for
    Israel before Jesus return to this world.

Conclusion : Since God loves Israel and will help the whole family of Israel come to know Jesus as their own savior in the future when Jesus returns.We really need to pray for Israel and this is what God wants us to do. I am one of this kind of intercessor and I invite you to be one of this power to stand on the gap for Israel. You will be happy to know that the more you stand for Israel, the more blessing you will experience by blessing Israel.God bless you. Amen.

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