Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prayer simply means communication with God

Headphones Headphones Buy This at There are many definition on prayer but to make it simple : Prayer is a communication process with God. When we talk about process, it really involve sender and receiver. We are the sender in the and God is the receive (at least in the beginning). Then it will make a 180 degree turns : God will be the sender and we will be the receiver. Let me explain about this process in the following.

1. We are the sender

We are the one who always request on prayer and we always ask God about this or that. Although prayer shouldn't be like that as (4:7 Phil) states that but practically speaking ask for God about something are what most Christians would do all the time.That's why we have a message to send to God whether that message is regarding to the need of solving a problem or dealing with a issue that we need help from God.

2. God is the receiver

When we pray to God , we definitely want Him to receive our message and for sure God will answer prayer all the time even the way he answer is not what we expected at all time. Sometimes, God will answer our prayer with things we have never thought of and always surprise us with more blessing.

3. God as a sender

God will answer our prayer with response and He wants us to receive His message. How can we receive God's message ? That begin another process of communication called "Listening To God". Although we have the Bible as our authority for God's answer and promises, God will also answer our prayer with some individual path according to our situation at that moment. That's why some people have reported that God has spoken to them through the following paths : dreams, visions, words of knowledge, prophetic word, Sermon, Bible verses, words of wisdom, angelic visitation, heaven (or sometimes even hell visit) experience and Jesus appear to individual as well.

4. We as a receiver

For sure God will answer our prayer but it is our responsibility to discern and responds in what we receive. We need discernment because the message can comes from 3 different resources : God or His angels, our own thinking and demons as well.That's why we need to discern the message and weight it with the Bible and confirmation from God (if it is not sure and without peace). At the same time, it is good to share the message with someone who has experience in listening to God and get more opinion from such a person.


prayer is a learning process and as tends to seek God with all our heart, we will growth through this learning process and get to know how God loves to communicate with us each and everyday.

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