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Book Review on There is more by Randy Clark

Youtube on There is more by Dr.Randy Clark, just click this link and watch it. 
Dr.Randy Clark was a Baptist minister who wanted to be used by God in a mighty way. However, when it comes to  the issue of healing, he wanted to experience more in the power of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, he encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in a new way and his healing ministry began. After he spent more times in his study and experience God's power in the new way, he understand that there is always more in the Spirit realm when God manifest His power and the glory of God will always surprise us if we press in to know more about God's way of doing things. "There is more" is the title of this book and Randy wants to use this book to help his readers to reclaiming the power of the impartation.


 Before Randy Clark leads his readers to go any further, he first leads his readers to take a good look on the church history showing that " Miracles have not stopped, but still occur today!" (p.58). By looking at all the reports from the early church fathers, the readers can quickly understand that miracles, healing or all kinds of the power of the Holy Spirit have never stopped as what some of the churches are teaching. In fact, miralce and healing are getting stronger and more powerful than what was before in this end time of this world.The most important point that Randy was trying to make is that : God's power have never stopped and is carrying out from one generation to the next generation through impartation that you and I today can receive and experience as well.
Randy Clark also showed us God's power is manifesting everywhere in this world from as far as Toronto of Canada through John Arnott to Mozambique by Heidi and Rolland Baker as well.
On the other hand , the revival and miracle happened and is still happening in Bethel Church of Redding has also give more encouragement to the readers to chase on God with a fire-like attitude.

This is not just an ordinary book about healing and miralce. It is truly a gift from heaven that will motive and give encouragement to its readers that with a thirsty and a hungry attitude to get to know about God's impartation, more people can be used by God in a mighty way today. Perhaps you will be the next Johnathan Edward or Charles Finney to this century if you are willing to be used by God today.I highly recommended this book to you and your Christian friends after this book has already impact my life.

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